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     ENGINEERING COLLEGE KOTA is an institution which is entering its 20th
     year of its establishment. It is an educational institution known for its
     scholastic and intellectual prestige. Our continuing endeavor, since the
     past few years, is to evolve a technical institution that can represent a
     model for any engineering institution. Not in terms of material modernity
     of infrastructure or its size and location, but in terms of contextual
     relevance of any institution by way of contribution to society's growth
     and value based development.

     Our faculty and student body are carefully nurtured in an atmosphere that's
     innovative, harmonizing and yet, challenging. We are proud of professionals
     and experts from industry and administration  from whom we receive support
     in our pedagogic and academic administrative tasks, and whom we consider
     as our partners.

     The domain of technical education is very vast and comprehensive, with multi-
     farious nodes developing day by day. Our college has been entrusted the task
     to create an environment of not only imparting knowledge but also understand
     the state-of-the-art technology for an easy amalgamation of latest research
     and development in the curriculum.
     The technical education in the state of Rajasthan has very eventful history.
     It is a matter of utmost pride that we have been able to accomplish the
     highest technical expertise through quality education as well as consistent
     resource development.

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